Who are we? The short of it:
We’re a group of writers striving to help storytellers achieve their dreams. We believe that literature, cinema and other narrative vehicles are the prime movers for social change.

NarrativeCraft offers an assortment of services–critical / thematic analysis, professional revisionproofreading, etc.–for storytellers working in any genre and format. Whether you write short stories, poetry, screenplays (or stageplays), non-fiction, or any non-traditional narrative format, we can help you finish and refine your story. Click here for more information.

We also help writers of all skill levels with their online marketing efforts.

With the advent of social media, writers are expected to interact with their audiences. We can help you reach your target audience with a 360 marketing solution–website, social media engagement, viral marketing, etc.–or choosing à la carte from our services. For more information on our marketing solutions, click here.

Every NarrativeCrafter holds a graduate degree (or multiple degrees) in English and/or Creative Writing, and many are pursuing Ph.D’s. We also require every NarrativeCrafter to provide a substantial body of work in their discipline.

The long of it:
NarrativeCraft is a part of Venture Alchemists, a collection of websites run by a collective of artists and creative types adhering to the mantra, “Heaven is the path.” We believe that the journey–and not the end goal–is the most important part of life. When you become too focused on the end goal, you become blind to the lessons while walking the path, and without that knowledge, the destination becomes too difficult to reach, turning into a personal hell of sorts. And once you reach it, you may not be as fulfilled as you originally thought.

At NarrativeCraft, we walk the path with you, helping you tell your story to the world. As professional, practicing writers, we understand that writer’s block is more than just a fear, or laziness. The root issue can lie with an issue as existential as a lack of inspiration, or something as simple as a flawed narrative structure. Or, maybe you need to hone the narrative’s underlying philosophy, and you just need someone to help you sharpen that message. That’s where we come in.

A fresh perspective is one of the most effective cures for writer’s block, or to just help you complete your masterpiece.

If you’re ready to take aim at writer’s block and reclaim your creativity, click here to visit our services page, and we’ll take that first step down the path–together.